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Exhibition Gallery Of Anka Prizmic-Sege
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Anka Prizmic-Sege was born in Vela Luka on the island of Korcula in 1921. After secondary school she graduated from the school of dental medicine in Zagreb and worked as a dentist in Split until her retirement in 1976. Since her childhood she showed an aspiration to artistic expression and she began early to deal with sculpture and painting. She often visited the studios of famous sculptors and painters in Split and she talked to them, observed and learned. She started to expose her work on common and autonomous exhibitions in 1960. Beside her responsible profession, she constantly created art in her free time, and she organized and opened in her birth house in Vela Luka an own gallery in 1983, where she exhibited numerous works: relief, sculptures, drawings and paintings. Anka Prizmic lives and works in Split but a few months in the year (from May to October) she lives in Vela Luka and untiringly paints, carves and sculptures. She is occupies herself with numerous different subjects: portrait, landscape, still-life, religious themes, war distress and human pain. She involves a part of herself in everything she does, her love for human beings and her native town, the painful experience of the distress of the Croatian nation during World War 2nd and the recent Homeland war, and she shapes these themes through suffering and the crucifixion. She expresses herself in painting with strong colors and an expressionism approach, and in her sculptures the statues are in simplified forms, without unimportant details and they cause a strong impression. Her relief groups with their expressionism power involve the observers in the essence of the drama that is happening here and they join her on this way through suffering and hope. The sculptors Ivan Mestrovic, Frano Krsinic and Ivan Mirkovic praised her work.

sculpture 2The works of Anka Prizmic can be found in Vela Luka in:
Pieta (bronze) - garden of the Chapel of the Maiden of Health
Bust sculpture of Don Ivan Oreb (bronze) - the Chapel of the Maiden of Health
Way of the Cross - 15 stations (relief) - Parish Church of St. Joseph

In Supetar on island of Brac:
Way of the Cross (relief-bronze) - Parish Church

Autonomous exhibitions:
1960. - Split (Salon Galic), Vela Luka (Primary School).
1961. - Marysville Xuba City, California, USA
1963. - Vela Luka (Primary School)
1968. - Vela Luka (Culture Centre)
1976. - Korcula (Hotel Marco Polo)

relief1978. - Korcula (Hotel Liburna)
1980. - Korcula (Town Museum).

Common exhibitions:
1960. - Split (National University)
1965. - Split (Town Museum), Split (HDLU Gallery)
1979. - Korcula (Town Museum)
1980. - Blato (Primary School)
1986. - Split (Alfa Gallery)



There are 46 works permanently exhibited in the Gallery of Anka Prizmic-Sege.
painting painting portrait
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