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If you are lover of seafood specialties, wine, the sea and good company, then you should not miss a cruise on a fishing boat. A cruise on a fishing boat a long the picturesque Vela Luka golf, grilled fish, fresh seafood and excellent wines from Vela Luka are only part of an unforgettable full day excursion.
The Octopus Salad

The Octopus SaladThis is a real summer speciality. It is a relative light dish that lures with aroma and its seductive colored look. It should be an additional dish to grilled fish, but it can be eaten as a main dish, as well. The cold domestic wine from Vela Luka is the best drink with octopus salad.

Red sweet onion
Olive oil

The frozen octopus (kept at least 8 days in deep-freeze) should be put into boiling water. When it is boiling, spill the water and pour fresh water in the pot, then put salt in it and continue to cook it. Cook it for 2-3 hours. The octopus is cooked when the small cups start to separate from the tentacles. Cut the octopus into pieces and add pieces of sliced red sweet onion. Spice it with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Serve cold.

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