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Gradina Bay
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Gradina bay

Among many of calms that are situated in the golf of Vela Luka we would like to point out the spacious and pleasant bay of Gradina. It is situated in the north of the gulf, not far from the town, and to it leads a 4km long asphalt road. In that bay there are several approachable pebble beaches suitable for swimming. From the southeast and south it is protected by the small islands of Gubesa and St.John, and that fore it is a safe shelter for navigators of small boats and yachts. On top of the small island St. John there is the church of St. John, a one-fold building with a bell-tower on distaff in the middle of the front and a gothic arch in the interior. It was already mentioned in documents from the 15th century and upon oral tradition and remains of the destroyed walls, it is supposed that on this place there was a Benediction monastery with a church. There are numerous private houses and apartments built in the bay of Gradina today, a due to its approachability and beauty it is one of the most popular sites for swimming for inhabitants and tourists. The bay of Gradina is situated 4km away from the center of Vela Luka. An asphalt road leads to it and it is a place with smaller pebble beaches suitable for swimming and a safe shelter for smaller ships and yachts.
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House for rent Gradina 005
The house of thr Surjan Family is situated in the bay of Gradina with direct approach to the sea. It consists of three double bedrooms (with possibility of added three beds), a living room (with possibility of aded two beds), a kitchen and a bathroom with shower. In front of the house, there is a terrace where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the sea and the Gradina Bay. A grill is arranged in the house complex. The Family Surjan is offering you:

- Panoramic drive with their own fishing boat with sightseeing of Vela Luka archipelago.
- Possibility to fish with a fishhook or fishnet upon your own choice.
- Consummotion of their own excellent wine and brandy.
- Possibility of hall board.
Gradina Bay is located 4 kilometers away from center of Vela Luka
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