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1.102 inhabitants), 7 km from Korcula, lies at very eastern and of the island of Korcula. Besides finds from the period of Greek colonization (Psephism from Lumbarda from the 4th c B.C.), there are remnants of the Roman villa rustica, and of the medieval churches and chapels. The fortified villas (kasteli) of the families Krsinic, Nobilo and Milina are exceptional examples of this kind of architecture.

The small Lumbarda Hotel with its attractive terrace and intimate of the village by the Prvi zal beach and next to the bus stop. Excursionists from Korcula cab enjoy the delicious specialties of Lumbarda, especially the Grk wine and smoked ham (Prsut). Fruit and vegetables from Lumbarda, and fresh and salted fish are a special treat at market in Korcua. Going left from the Hotel terrace along the seashore, there is a modern marina, a comfortable tourist apartment complex, near the sandy beach Tatinja.

The road up hill from the middle of the village trough the avenue of mulberry trees (murve) leeds to Lumbardas fields with the finest vineyards. Here, the visitors becomes aware of the fact that the village and vineyards and gardens are situated on a fine reddish sand, said to provide Lumbarda people with a special seal of finesse and courteousness. It gives the vines a unique base, and the tourists the most beautiful of sand beaches. A big modern building with shops on the ground-floor and social rooms and a restaurant on the first floor is at the side of this road. North of this path to the beaches, there is the Glavica Hill (Small Head) with the three aisled parish church of St. Rocco, and its white bell-tower, while south from the road there is Postrana.

Here, the sculptor and painter Ivan Jurjevic Knez (born in 1920) sculpts and exhibits his works of art, and his statues and paintings depicting stories and fairy-tales from the life of Lumbarda peasant and fisherman, and he did not attend any art school.
The people of Lumbarda are wine-growers, olive-growers and fishermen and many off them work in firms and offices in the town of Korcula. They worked, too, in the quarries when stone-cutting was flourishing. They are a delightful people and kind hosts, and they keep up their traditional songs and their custom of Plucking the Orange. Some famous sculptors come from Lumbarda: Krsinic, the brothers Lozica, Jurjevic Knez, and the painter Stipe Nobilo.

West of the bus station, on the seashore, there iss a memorial terrace and monument to the fighters fallen in the Second World War – the work of the sculptor Frano Krsinic. Further on, towards Korcula, south of the road, there is a picturesque hamlet Javic with the church of St. Spiridon. The Lumbarajsko Racisce bay lies in the front of Javic with numerous villas for hire.

Lumbarda Apartments ZURE
The Batistic-Zure household, together with the family restaurant is placed at the entrance to Lumbarda. The apartments for hiring are located next to the seaside, while vineyards and olive grows are scattered all over and around the village, on the sandy fields and slopes near the sea.

Apartments ZURE
Apartments Zure 1 and Zure 2 are situated in Family House 20m away from seacoast and 700m form town center. Each apartment is 40 m2 size and consists of a double room (with possibility of two added bed in living room), a kitchen with living room, a bathroom, and additional toilet. In front of each apartment is terrace (40 m2 sizes). Also, each apartment has air-conditioner and SATV. Apartments are fully equipment with modern furniture. In front of house there is a own parking space.

House for rent ZURE
The House Zure is 500m distance from center of town Lumbarda and just 20 meters away from seacoast. There are: a living room with kitchen, bathroom on ground floor and two double rooms on 1st floor. In front of house there is large terrace. The House is fully equipment with modern furniture and has own parking space.

Lumbarda Apartments
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