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Island of Osjak
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Island of Osjak
Sing of in many songs also known as island of love, this part of unbelievable nature shoud not be missed if your search for quiet and peaceful place, where you can leave your body to Mediterranean sea and sun.

The island of Osjak is about 10 minutes driving distance away by boat from the centre of Vela Luka. The island is uninhabited and a place of untouched nature, shady and hidden places for swimming. You can explore the whole island on footpaths that surround it and intersect it. The paths of the island of Osjak can enjoy even more courageous mountbikers, and for them will this experience stay in thair memories as an unforgettable adventure.
Island of Osjak   Island of Osjak   Island of Osjak

Locatio map

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Cupressus sempervirens L.
Cupressus sempervirens L.
The cypress (Cupressus) has its Latin name from a young man who Apollo turned into a cypress, and from his name originates the Greek word Kyparissos. The common cypress is naturally spread out in North Iran, Asia Minor, on the islands of Cyprus and Crete, where from it spread out to the whole Mediterranean. In avarage it reachnes a hight between 20 and 30 meters, but there are species that have reached 52 meters high and over 3,20 diameters of its trunk. It reaches an age of over 1000 years. The cypress grows along the whole Adriatic coast; not onlyon the coastline, but far away in the inland, but bigger groups naturally sprout up trees can be found only on the island of Korcula and the peninsula Peljesac. The cypress has been celebrated in verse by many poets of different nations and all times, and it is the most beautiful ornament in front of old village churches, where it creates beautiful sights and reaches enormous dimensions. The cypress is a great ornament of many landscapes of the island of Korcula. Beautiful species grow on the island of Osjak, as well, where it together with the pine tree creates a magnificient park-forest. Its pyramidal form creates a characteristic physiognomy of that plant group and it fits perfectly in the ambience.
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Island of Osjak is located 1 Nautical mile from center of Vela Luka
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