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Picena Bay
3.5 km from center of Vela Luka lie a pebble beache call Picena bay. Ideal place for your hole day spanding at beach. If you have a kids, this is a great place for them. Lieing on a pebbels you can watch sunset over island of Osjak.

From the centre of Vela Luka to the bay of Picena it takes only a few minutes driving distance on an asphalt road that is passing just a few meters above seashore. There is not much traffic on the road so that it is perfect for walks and mountain biking.
Picena Bay   Picena Bay   Picena Bay

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Private Accommodation
The Dragojevic family has been working in the tourism business since 1965 – the tradition began with their grandfather, Franko Dragojevic (1922-1995). Mr Franko Dragojevic took active part in the early development of tourism in Vela Luka. In his house he offered a variety of services, such as accommodation and boat rides. Namely, with his wooden boat he organised transport and day trips (fish picnics) to the islands of Osjak and Proizd. The Dragojevic House is situated in the Pichena Bay and it has direct access to sea. The one-story house consists of two apartments. The first apartment (Penzar 1) has two double rooms (with an option to add an extra bed) a kitchen and a bathroom. The second apartment (Penzar 2) has a double room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room with a possibility of two additional beds. Both apartments have terraces, where you can enjoy the magnificent view over the sea and the island of Osjak. There is a beautiful pebble beach suitable for swimming and sunbathing. The apartments can be rented individually or together.

The apartments Kristina 1 and Kristina 2 is situated in the Picena Bay. The first apartment, Kristina 1 is situated on the ground floor and another (Kristina 2), is on the first floor. The ground floor apartment Kristina 1 has two double bedrooms, a bathroom with shower, a kitchen and a living room.
The first floor apartment, Kristina 2 has two double bedrooms, a bathroom with shower, a kitchen and a living room.
In front of both apartments, there are magnificent terasses.
Picena bay is located 3.5 kilometers (km) from center of Vela Luka
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