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On August 2nd 1933, it was a Sunday, a speed rowing regatta between the national team of Vela Luka and the crew of the warship of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, H.M.S. «CERES» was held in Vela Luka. The commandment of the warship was delighted by the beauty of Vela Luka, the hospitability and friendship of the citizens of Vela Luka, and, in a friendly mood, it suggested the holding of an exhibition rowing regatta between the crew of their warship and the national team of Vela Luka, and the citizens of Vela Luka accepted with pleasure their proposal.
The following rules were stated:
1. The boats of the warship, 6 meters long
2. The crew of the boat consists of 6 persons
3. the length of the rowing distance was 2380 meters
The citizens of Vela Luka won the regatta with about 90 meters difference. The commander of the warship congratulated the winners of the regatta and thanked the citizens of Vela Luka for their hospitability and warmly welcome. At this occasion the commander of the warship rewarded the winners and each member of the winning team with a sailor razor as a souvenir, which is an obligatory war equipment of every sailor in all war navies in the world, and the members of the regatta and their families were very proud of it.
The crew of the warship H.M.S. »CERES» gave the mayor of the community of Vela Luka a picture of their ship as a present with the text:»Presented to the Town of Vela Luka by the Captain, Officers and Ship Company of H.M.S. «CERES».
The characteristics of the warship H.M.S. «CERES»:
The length of the ship
The full speed of the ship
The force of the engines about
cca 4000 tons
138 meters
36 knots
Steam turbines
72000 HP
Main armor:
Artillery 4 artillery towers ( two on the bow and two on the stern) lower double-barreled caliber 150 mm, upper one-barreled caliber 120 mm
Torpedo armor 4 double-barreled torpedoes, two on each side of the ship.
Some of the ships crew:
Commander of ship: Fr. Cook
: M. Hemigway
Comander shipwoyit: G.P. Byone
Shipwoyit: W. Sorgeart
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