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Islands of Trstenik and Prznjak
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The small islands of Prznjak and Trstenik are situated 7 sea miles from Vela Luka on the south-western side of the island of Korcula, opposite the bay of Tri Porte. They are a tourist attraction with its unique beauty, a place for a whole-day stay and a popular place for fish picnic excursions. There are a few weekend houses built today, but in the past, small islands were constantly inhabited due to sheep and goat breeding. Unfortunately, there is no organized transfer to the small islands for now, except the fish picnic excursions. You can visit the small islands by renting a boat in Vela Luka. The distance from Vela Luka to the islands is 7 sea miles and the trip lasts about an hour. From the bays of Tri Porte the trip lasts 15 minutes. If you are an expert for fishing, you should assume the obligation to take with you the necessary equipment, because the sea around the small islands is rich with fish. A visit to the small islands of Prznjak and Trstenik is a remarkable event and adventure you certainly will not forget.


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