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Location map
Korcula Map (Map of Vela Luka)

Situated on the western side of the island of Korcula (Croatia) in a large bay dotted with many tiny islets and surrounded by tranquil inlets, Town of Vela Luka is an oasis of Dalmatia and Mediterranean influences: mild climate, unpolluted sea and air, olive groves, fig trees, tuneful melodies.
Vela Luka is surrounded by the richness and beauty of Nature. It is the 2nd largest settlement on the Adriatic islands, a safe harbour for seafarers.

The cultural identity of Vela Luka arises from the traditional merging of man and nature. A few kilometers from the center of Vela Luka we find traces of early human settlement at the "Vela Spila" cave. Archeological finds from Vela Spila can be viewed at the Cultural Centre in Vela Luka. Also view the numismatic collection and the only Henry Moore sculpture in Croatia.

Općina Vela Luka
Službene stranice Općine Vela Luka.

Vela Luka
The traditional Vela Luka Festival in July and August offers many concerts, exhibitions and presentations for you to enjoy.
The Regatta in honour of St John on the 24th June should not be missed.

A few minutes walk from Vela Luka you will find your own private pebble beach, far from the everyday stresses of modern life. The smells and beauty of the Adriatic will ensure an ideal holiday for the body and soul. You will get a taste of Dalmatia in one of the numerous restaurants and taverns specializing in seafoods.

Mild Mediterranean sun, clear night skies, azure sea of Proizd, perfume of pine trees, the cicadas of island Osjak, Dalmatian choral songs and friendly hosts will ensure a holidays you will never forget.
History >
The region of todays Vela Luka was already inhabited in the prehistorically times, and this witnesses by archeological researches and founds in the Vela Spila (Big Cave). Numerous relieves of buildings and heaps (Potirna, Kovnici, Gradina...) are the trails of Illyrians, who inhabited the Adriatic coast and the island of Korcula, as well. There are numerous Greek and Roman findings, too. Some explorers believe that in the area of Vela Luka (Potirna) there was a Greek-Conidian colony, and based on relieves of architecture that can still be seen (Bradat, Gudulija, Poplat, Gubesa) a number of Roman settlements of economic i.e. farming character (villae rusticae) were found. During the exploration of the small church of St. Kuzma and Damjan (Zablace) numerous relieves from old-Christian periods were found.
Vela Luka Vela Luka Vela Luka
It enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with 2670 hours of sunshine a year. Summers are hot with June/July average temperature 25.6`C. Winters are mild with January average temperature 9`C. Sea temperatures in mid-summer are between 21`C - 24`C, reaching up to 28`C along the coast. Visibility - up to 30 metres depth.
Primary winds in Adriatic sea.
Maestral (NW)
Bura (NE)
Jugo (SE)
Nevera (W)

Maestral course northwest (NW) in high air pressure. Maestral is a sign of a nice weather, and it usually starts blowing around 11 o clock. It can rise up to 5 bofors and set up a fused sea movement, but in the evening hours it stops, so the next day, after a peaceful night, it would start blowing again in the same accord.

Bura - northeastern (NE) wind, which comes out with high air pressure over the mainland and brusquely and in full force blows from the mainland towards the sea. Bura is hard to anticipate, but there are signs, which announce it: tiptoes of the coastal mountains are shrouded in little clouds, while the surface of the sea from the northeast direction is covered in foamy crowns. When the foamy crowns reach their own liner, it will be soon grasped by wind in full force. The bigger the distance from the coast, the weaker are the squalls. In summer Bura usually blows for couple of hours, and rarely it last for 1 to 2 days.

Jugo (Scirocco) humid wind, blowing from southeast (SE). From october to the end of January it brings vast amounts of downfalls. Dead sea (free waves) and leady clouds in the south are a sign of slow approaching of Jugo, which causes considerable movements of sea waves. The Jugo period often lasts even for several days, and the dead sea can last for some time on. Sometimes, along with wind rain brings red-brown sand from Africa. Only couple of minutes will suffice for the wind to change its direction and that Jugo (SE) turns into a very strong Bura (NE).

Nevera (W) is a strong west wind, which brings bad weather. In summer its starts out with great vehemence, but it mainly last short period accompained with quick and short sea movement. After the storm nice refreshing takes place. Libecco (NW) from, Levantera (E) from east and Tramontana (N) from north. High and stable air pressure is usually followed by winds coming from the mainland during nighttime and winds coming from the sea during daytime.


It is possible to reach Vela Luka in many ways. Dependent witch means of transport you want to use for your travel, Following the link below you are going to find a detailed description of the journey with the belonging sailing schedules and time tables. We wish you a pleasant and happy journey from your starting point to Vela Luka.

Sailing schedules and time tables
The Town of Vela Luka offer 760 beds in hotels: ADRIA, POSEJDON, JADRAN AND DALMACIJA, offering its guests a pleasant stay and rest with the gifts of nature that have a unique way of displaying its mediterranean origin.The hotels have an architecture that strives to blend with the nature and southern features of this region.
Hotel Adria
Hotel Adria
Situated in a tranquil bay, among olive groves, 2.5 km from the center of Vela Luka. Hotel Adria has its own private beach, an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna and massage Facilities. Two tennis courts are available for the energetic holidaymakers. A path through pine groves along the coast makes for an enjoyable walk to the center. In the evenings live music on the terrace to accompany your evening meal. Hotel Adria offers much to ensure an enjoyable holiday for singles or families.

- 125 Double rooms {with WC, shower, telephone]
- 2 Apartments
- Dining Room
- National Restaurant
- 2 Aperitif Bars
- Indoor Swimming Pool
- Sauna
- 2 Tennis courts
- Gymnasium
- Satellite TV
- Hairdressing Salon
- Congress Room
- Souvenir Shop
- Live Music on Terrace
- Parking area
Hotel Posejdon
Hotel Posejdon
Situated across the bay from the center of Vela Luka, with its own beach and fully equipped diving center. You can take a leisurely 1.2km walk along the coast to the center or a quick boat ride. All Facilities are available to guests to ensure an enjoyable holiday. In the evenings relax to the sounds of live music on the sea-facing terrace.

- 148 Double Rooms (with WC, Shower, Telephone)
- Dining Room
- Aperitif Bar
- Pebble Beach
- Parking Area
- Terrace
- Satellite TV
- Live Music on the Terrace
- Fully equipped Diving Centre
Hotel Jadran
Hotel Jadran
Hotel Jadran is a small hotel in the center of Vela Luka. Ideal for school excursions, students, backpackers. Close to the hotel are many caffe bars and sport Facilities. All rooms have Shower and WC.
Hotel Dalmacija
Hotel Dalmacija
Hotel Dalmacija is a small, friendly hotel situated in the center of Vela Luka, with a sea-facing terrace offering a view of Island Osjak. We offer ideal accommodation for the businessman or holidaymaker.

- 23 Double rooms (With WC, shower, telephone, TV)
- Restaurant
- Caffe Bar
- Terrace
Restaurants, Pizzerias and Cafe Bars

There are more than 9 small very comfortable restaurants built and decorated in typical mediterranean manner in Vela Luka, offering a great variety of dishes; various tasteful meat and fish dishes such as Dalmatian smoked ham and cheese, octopus salad, omelet, spaghetti, risotto, calamari, clams, chicken, fish filet, scampi, cevapcici, raznjici, beefsteak, rump steak, fish plate, meat plate, etc. In general, restaurants offer traditional Dalmatian cuisine and local specialities, Croatian continental cuisine, and international cuisine. The working hours of most restaurants are from 11.00 - 24.00. A restaurant's menu is shown at the entrance, as well as the signs of the credit cards accepted (most major credit cards are generally accepted). The large number of returning and satisfied guests testifies about the high level of service and quality of food which are served at Restaurants of Vela Luka. The major part of the restaurants are opened only during the summer season.

Restaurants in the Town of Vela Luka:
- Restaurant in Hotel Dalmacija (opened all year)
- Restaurant Ribar
- Restaurant Lucica
- Restaurant Pod Bore (opened all year)
- Restaurant Casablanca
- Restaurant Feral
- Restaurant Davorin
- Restaurant/pizzeria More
- Restaurant on Island of Proizd

Vela Luka offers like all the other Mediterranean regions everything for a good pizza. Pizzerias in Vela Luka are very well known for its quality and perfect service. The service and the excelent cuisine guarantees a great time that you will spend, eating and drinking. You may also accompany your pizza with a great variety of bottled Croatian wines and many different kinds of beers. All pizzerias have terraces offering unforgettable experience even for those who only stop in Vela Luka for a few hours. The major part of the pizzerias are opened only during the summer season.

Pizzerias in the Town of Vela Luka:
- Pizzeria Riva
- Pizzeria Vertigo
- Pizzeria Alfa (opened all year)
- Restaurant/pizzeria More
- Cafe Bar/pizzeria Casablanca

In Cafe Bars of Vela Luka you can leave your worries outside the door, enter and hang out with friends and with the rest of the crowd. With the music in your ears and the drink in your hands enjoy in friendly atmosphere. Cafe Bars of Vela Luka are waiting for you to have fun! We have all kinds of cafe bars around Vela Luka. Each one of them is unique, with its own style and music, various coffee types, drinks and ice cream. You may start your day, enjoying your juice, ice cream or coffee, at one of our beautiful Cafe Bars. In the nights you may enjoy your drink, listening to good music, and having fun with your favorite persons. All Cafe bars are opened all year.

Cafe Bars in the Town of Vela Luka:
- Cafe Bar Karaka
- Internet/Cafe Bar Duvana
- Cafe Bar Gage
- Cafe Bar Bata
- Cafe Bar Roxy
- Cafe Bar Casablanca
- Cafe Bar Popeye
- Cafe Bar Tropicana
- Cafe Bar Oscar
- Cafe Bar Allo Allo

Dishes And Beverages
Supermarket and small food shops
There are two ways to shop for food and household things in the Town of Vela Luka. You can do all your shopping in one place at the large supermarket. On the other hand, you can shop in the different types of small stores in the town. Large supermarket is located outside of the town center, along a main road. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood can be found in local "open type" market located in a centre of the town. Fresh meat is selling in several bakeries. Major parts of stores are opened all day from 7:00h to 21:00h during summer season except Sunday (from 7:00h to 12:00h).The food shop, which is situated in the inner centre of the town, is opened from 6:00h to 23:00h every day in the week.
Petrol Station - INA
INA is vertically integrated oil and gas company operating in oil and gas exploration and production, refining and marketing of oil products. Its subsidiaries are engaged in LPG business, natural gas transportation and providing integradted oilfield services. INA is a medium-sized European oil company and a significant regional player. For the time being it is owned by the Republic of Croatia but privatisation plans are under way.

: ++385 20 812 910
Petrol Station INA

- Super 98
- Eurosuper 95
- Eurodiesel
- Diesel
- Eurodiesel - Blue Lubricants

- Sea vessels fuel supply
- Public phone
Payment possibility:

Working hours of petrol stations determined according to:
- SUMMER WORKING HOURS: June 1 to Sept 30

SUMMER 06 - 22 06 - 22 06 - 22 06 - 22


07 - 19

07 - 19

09 - 12


Banks and Exchange office
Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d. is the largest and the oldest financial institution in the Republic of Croatia, with a long continuity of banking operations.
It was established in 1962 as a universal bank on the basis and the banking tradition of The First Croatian Savings Bank, itself established in 1846 in Zagreb by the members of the Farming Association of Croatia and Slavonia.
Dubrovacka banka d.d. - The Bank remains particulary active in Dalmatia and other tourism centres, and its adherence to the Nova banka Group has made the Bank through a wide network of sub-branches and ATM-s very attractive and easily accessible to a great number of clients throughout Croatia. Following the trend to carry less cash, Dubrovacka banka offers to its clients VISA Electron, VISA Classic and VISA Business cards. The card enables our clients to profit of all the advantages which this mode of payment brings, offering them the possibility of cash withdrawal at 760 000 VISA network ATM-s with card acceptance at 24 million points of sale globally.
Splitska Banka d.d. - a member of HVB Group and the leading Visa bank in Croatia with 300,000 customers, selected the Euronet card and merchant software packages to accommodate a comprehensive electronic funds transfer business with ATM, POS, debit and credit card solutions. Splitska Banka has full functionality to provide processing services to other banks as well. The bank expanded its existing Euronet solutions, which included ATM and POS management, ATM recharge and connections to Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Splitska Banka is one of four banks in the HVB Group that has partnered with Euronet to provide financial solutions. Euronet also has HVB partnerships in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic
Exchange office "Lida" >
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